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Pluralis table by Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen


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Image of the Pluralis table used for in a boardroom with rows of black chairs

Dezeen Showroom: Fritz Hansen has produced an adaptable table by Kasper Salto that lends itself to both boardrooms and home offices.

Called Pluralis, the table combines Danish craftsmanship with a versatile design that allows it to be used as a desk, a shared workbench or even a dining table.

Black Trestle legs on a wooden table by Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen
The Pluralis table was designed by Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen

The table is set on angled trestle legs, which are set back from its rounded rectangular top to create an inviting look.

Pluralis is available in six versions, with three different widths and lengths from 160 to 720 centimetres, and four different finishes including veneer, laminate and linoleum.

Overhead shot of an office with rectangular Pluralis tables used ask desks paired with light grey chairs
It can be used within offices and at homes

Optional power outlets and cable managing systems can be integrated into Pluralis to help create a more streamlined workplace.

Larger versions are fitted with an additional set of legs in the centre to support the longer tabletop.

Product: Pluralis table
Designers: Kasper Salto
Brand: Fritz Hansen

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