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Imperial porcelain tiles by Exagres


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Exagres' Imperial porcelain tiles used as flooring and for stairs in a contemporary residential interior and poolside terrace

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish tile manufacturer Exagres has launched a collection of porcelain tiles designed to mimic the appearance of fine-grained stone found in the southeast of Spain.

The Imperial tiles emulate the chromatic variations and elegance of marble stoneware to offer a contemporary option for modern interiors.

Exagres' Imperial porcelain tiles used to clad exterior walls and the floors of an outside pool
The tiles are extremely durable and non-porous, making them suitable for poolsides and the outdoors

The ceramics are vitrified in order to make them compact, hardwearing and non-porous. This makes them suited for use as both flooring and wall coverings, in a range of spaces including reception areas and poolside terraces.

“Offering a variety of surface finishes and a complete range of special pieces, Imperial is particularly suited to locations where a level change is necessary,” said Exagres marketing manager Isabel Cortés.

Exagres' Imperial porcelain tiles used as flooring in a contemporary residential interior
The tiles are made from porcelain but are designed to emulate the look and variations of marble

The durable tiles are also stain-resistant and frost-resistant, which makes them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. They are available in five different base formats up to 120 x 120 centimetres.

The tiles come in a neutral palette of four hues including Arian, Ceniza, Moca and Siena.

Exagres' Imperial porcelain tiles used as flooring and stairs for an outdoor swimming pool
The tiles are stain-resistant, frost-resistant and come in four neutral colours

Additional components in the Imperial collection include interior skirting, stair skirting, and step treads, as well as pieces specifically for swimming pools and water features such as grilles and skimmers.

Exagres is part of Tile of Spain, an association of over 100 Spanish tile manufacturers.

Product: Imperial
Brand: Exagres
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