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Luce ceramic tiles by Guillermo Mariotto for Fiandre Architectural Surfaces


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Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has launched a collection of antibacterial finishing tiles called Luce, which create a mesmerising play of light through sinuous lines and a chiaroscuro effect.

Presented exclusively at Cersaie 2021, the Luce collection was designed by Guillermo Mariotto for Iris Ceramica Group.

Luce tiles in gold used as wall coverings with a wooden chair placed in the room
Luce is distinguished by the interplay of light and shadow, which creates a chiaroscuro effect

The collection references how light is able to “reveal, mould, draw and sculpt matter”.

The tiles feature swirling lines and abstract reflections that create an interplay of light and shadow, which brings depth to architectural spaces.

“The unparalleled expressive and communicative force of light is the inspiration that brings shape to this exclusive project, taking architectural spaces to a new dimension,” said Fiandre.

Luce tiles in silver used on the wall of a dressing room
The tiles can be used as flooring, wall coverings, cladding and for furnishings

The tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and are intended for commercial and residential settings, as well as external facades. The material can also be used for furnishings and accessories.

The Luce range is available with Fiandre’s patented Active Surfaces innovation, in which ceramic slabs are transformed into eco-active materials via a process called photocatalysis.

Luce tiles in gold used on a front desk in an reception-like setting and Luce tiles in white used on the walls
The tiles are antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-odour and self-cleaning

These high-performance materials replicate the properties of titanium dioxide combined with silver, which results in an oxidation reaction that makes the materials antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-odour and self-cleaning.

The tiles come in a neutral palette of six iridescent shades including pearl, black, blue, gold, silver and grey.

Product: Luce
Designer: Guillermo Mariotto
Brand: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Contact: [email protected]

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