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Pantop Portable light by Verner Panton for Danish company Verpan


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A green pantop light on a white table

Dezeen Showroom: Verpan has unveiled a portable, smaller addition to its colourful collection of Pantop table lights created by Danish designer Verner Panton.

Panton drew on his original designs to create a portable version of the bell-shaped Pantop light. The latest addition to the collection allows users to carry the light with them around the house or even into the garden.

A red Pantop Portable light on a windowsill
Pantop Portable can be easily carried throughout the house

“Making the Pantop Portable adds a level of usability and flexibility that allows you to bring the light with you – from room to room, or even outside in the garden or at the balcony, and create the desired atmosphere wherever you are,” said Verpan.

“The new Pantop Portable has been created in respect to the original Verner Panton design, however in a modern execution using contemporary materials and technologies.”

Several Pantop lights on a staircase
The lights come in a range of bright, playful colours with a glossy finish

Like the larger Pantop lights, the portable version comes in an array of colours such as bright red, forest green and baby pink. All of the lights are finished in a shiny gloss and have a dimmer to adjust brightness.

Thanks to its seven-hour operation time, the portable light can be used inside to illuminate interiors or outdoors on garden tables.

Product: Pantop Portable
Designer: Verner Panton
Brand: Verpan

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