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Muista active sitting chair by Aurimas Lažinskas for Muista


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Muista balancing chair by Aurimas Lazinkas

Dezeen Showroom: a healthy alternative to standard desk chairs, Muista‘s balancing chair was designed by the brand’s founder Aurimas Lažinskas to promote active sitting.

The Muista chair has a two-in-one design that means it can be sat on comfortably both in bench or saddle positions, allowing sideways and front-to-back movement.

This facilitates a range of micro-movements and encourages change, making it healthy for both body and brain.

Muista balancing chair by Aurimas Lazinkas
The Muista chair facilitates micro-movements such as rocking

The chair was designed in consultation with physical therapists and Lažinskas says that the sitting conditions it facilitates strengthen the body’s core, train the sense of balance and exercise multiple muscle groups.

The former book designer was moved to create the chair after reading about the harmful effects of prolonged sitting and the potential of fidgeting to counter those detriments. He named the brand Muista after the Lithuanian word mùistytis, meaning “to fidget”.

Muista balancing chair by Aurimas Lazinkas
It can be either straddled or sat on bench-style

Ideal for home offices, the Muista chair is made of press-moulded birch or beech plywood with a high-density polyurethane foam seat.

It is available with either a black or clear lacquer finish on the wood and black, blue or grey wool-blend fabric upholstery.

Muista’s components are produced within the European Union and assembled and finished at the brand’s Vilnius studio.

Product: Muista
Designer: Aurimas Lažinskas
Brand: Muista

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