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Radiator in Brooklyn showcases emerging New York design talent


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Radiator at Gowanus Studio Space

Upcoming Brooklyn exhibition Radiator will showcase furniture and functional art by New York-based designers, including neon light sculptures and a pink squiggly chair.

The exhibition will be held at The Gowanus Studio Space as part of the annual festival NYCxDesign‘s Design Days programme. The venue is a cooperative workspace for artists and designers.

Radiator is a show in Brooklyn for emerging designers
Top: a light sculpture by Marcus Vinícius De Paula. Above: Sunset Chair by Michah Rosenblatt

Radiator will showcase the work of 12 up-and-coming artists and designers whose work spans furniture, lighting and home objects.

The exhibition, which is named for the concept of something emanating from a core, seeks to propel emerging creative talent into the spotlight.

The show is curated by Andrew Algier
Marcus Vinícius De Paula makes light sculptures from stone

“The show was conceived out of the realisation that there are so many talented and promising emerging designers in New York,” curator Andrew Algier told Dezeen.

“Yet the exhibition opportunities for the established far outweigh those available to the emerging,” he added.

“Radiator is designed to bring attention to and celebrate the work of younger studios that are serious about their craft.”

Radiator will show a variety of work
Vinícius De Paula also uses resin for his lights

Algier’s own work will also be part of the show with pieces by Algierwork, the curator and designer’s Brooklyn-based studio practice.

Three pieces by Algierwork will be presented in Radiator, including a smooth wooden coffee table.

Among the exhibitors is designer Marcus Vinícius De Paula with a set of ethereal sculptures crafted from stone, glass and resin.

Vinícius De Paula inserts neon LED lights into the sculptures. The designs are informed by his father’s work as a NASA engineer and his own former career in lighting and scenic design.

Functional art and furniture will be shown alongside each other
A coffee table by Algierwork

Furniture maker and artist Shaina Tabak will present a striking pink and lilac twisty chair, made in collaboration with textile artist Talia Connelly whose sketches are translated into final objects.

“The exhibitors were chosen by comparing the quality of the work to the apparent scale and reach of the studio,” Algier explained. “We were looking for a very high quality of work, and a smaller scale and reach.”

Radiator will have elements of humour
Shaina Tabak will present an ambiguous hot-pink chair

Another notable piece is Skybox Lamp, an iridescent pink floor lamp cast in a silver material by Brooklyn-based industrial designer Niles Fromm. Fromm’s design interest lies in merging handmade craft with creative technology.

A navy blue wall lamp resembling a paperclip by New York sculptor and designer Sara Schoenberger will also be presented.

Radiator will present floor lamps such as the work of Niles Fromm
Skybox Lamp is by designer Niles Fromm

“The works on display could be described as comforting,” said Algier. “There’s a sense of weight or density that you feel when interacting with the objects in this show, which are primarily made from wood, metal and stone.”

“However, within that weight, you find levity in the pops of colour and sometimes subtle whimsy light or a chair” continued the curator.

Radiator will be held in Brooklyn in New York
Sarah Schoenberger’s wall lamp resembles a paperclip

Located along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, The Gowanus Studio Space offers space, equipment and support to emerging creatives.

Other current shows on display in New York include an exhibition featuring a pond filled with over a thousand mirrored balls in New York Botanical Garden by artist Yayoi Kusama, and Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America, an exhibition at MoMA confronting anti-Black racism in the built environment.

Images are courtesy of Radiator.

Radiator is on show at Gowanus Studio Space in New York on 14-18 May 2021. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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