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Palisades II space dividers by Spacestor


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Palisades II space dividers by Spacestor

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Spacestor has expanded its Palisades divider system, adding softer forms that enable the creation of garden hideaway-like spaces within the workplace.

Arches, curtains, more planting, decorative acoustic panels and 11 new colours are among the additions in the Palisades II system, which is made to divide large spaces in a light and flexible way.

Palisades II space dividers by Spacestor
Palisades II can create scrum areas and soft seating spaces

Spacestor says the new additions can add a domestic feel to office environments, and even create the impression of a courtyard, den or pergola.

The architectural grid zoning system makes it easy to build scrum spaces or soft seating areas that can be easily changed in the future. It is also good for hospitality and retail settings.

Palisades II space dividers by Spacestor
The system is infinitely customisable and combines zone dividing, storage and shelving

Its steel frames are reminiscent of Crittall windows, and the system combines shelving, zone dividing and storage functions.

The system is fully customisable, with a wide range of materials, plants, colours, accessories and architectural forms.

“Striking and impressive or calming and secluded, Palisades II can completely change the ambience without building a single wall,” said Spacestor.

Product: Palisades II
Brand: Spacestor

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