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Fragments 1-5 rugs by OEO Studio for Massimo


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Rug from Fragments 1-5 collection by OEO Studio for Massimo

Dezeen Showroom: OEO Studio has created a series of rugs for Danish manufacturer Massimo, with abstract patterns that reference Peru’s Nazca geoglyphs and other iconography from around the world.

The collection, named Fragments 1-5, was designed by OEO Studio co-founder Thomas Lykke and features five hand-tufted rugs with graphic designs.

Pink and grey carpet
The rugs feature graphic designs

According to the studio, the decorative, intricate patterns were informed by a melting pot of influences ranging from Chinese seals to African tribal art and the famous Nazca Lines etched into the Peruvian desert.

“Our goal in this series was to create non-representational forms that nonetheless awaken a response,” Lykke said. “They are reminiscent of our past.”

White and blue carpet with tan border by OEO Studio
They reference ancient iconography from around the world

The Fragments 1-5 range was hand-tufted by skilled artisans in a mix of bamboo and New Zealand wool yarn.

It incorporates a palette of rich, saturated colours including a vibrant yellow-orange and lustrous blue.

Purple and yellow hand-tufted rug
The range is characterised by its deep, vibrant colours

“A global lockdown in the spring with the design process in full swing meant extra time for research and contemplation,” Lykke said.

“Personally, I had more time to delve into Massimo’s huge range of wonderfully saturated colour samples.”

The contours of the rugs were hand-cut where the colours meet in order to make the patterns stand out, and the designs were created to be beautiful enough to hang on the wall.

Product: Fragments 1-5
Designer: OEO Studio
Brand: Massimo
Contact: [email protected]

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