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Lixio Plus flooring by Ideal Work


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Lixio Plus flooring by Ideal Work

Dezeen Showroom: Italian finishing brand Ideal Work has updated its Lixio terrazzo flooring, adding options to use larger aggregates and locally sourced materials.

Lixio Plus is Ideal Work’s new version of its terrazzo flooring system, featuring larger aggregates of five to 12 millimetres.

Lixio Plus flooring by Ideal Work
Lixio Plus features larger aggregates of five to 12 millimetres

Another update is that the system now allows designers to use marble from any source, including those local to the project.

Ideal Work describes this development as “a new Renaissance” that lets designers make sustainable choices while securing the classic look of terrazzo.

Lixio Plus flooring by Ideal Work
Designers have the option to use local marble and create settings more rooted to place

Designers can select whatever size and colour of marble aggregates they desire and complete the look with one of three finishes — glossy, slip-resistant satin or hammered.

Lixio Plus is resistant to UV rays and adverse weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Product: Lixio Plus
Designer: Ideal Work
Brand: Ideal Work

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