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Atria pendant lamps by Meteor Lighting


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Atria Series by Meteor Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: Californian manufacturer Meteor Lighting has created a collection of commercial-grade pendant lights that have been used in the headquarters of McDonald’s, Facebook and Netflix.

Designed to be both elegant and versatile, the Atria Series is available with a variety of different mounts including ceiling, pendant, cable, wall and yoke mounts, each with a range of brightness levels.

This flexibility means that interior designers can create a consistent design across large spaces, which require different kinds of illumination and mounting heights. 

Meteor Lighting at McDonald's HQ
The Atria Series by Meteor Lighting was installed at McDonald’s HQ

The pendant lights are available in three diametres – 10, 15 and 25 centimetres – and equipped with a light source the brand describes as “the most powerful in the market”.

A 10-centimetre Atria light has an output of up to 5,650 lumens while the two larger versions reach 9,250 and 25,000 lumens respectively.

Atria Series by Meteor Lighting
The lights were also used at Netflix’s office

Interior designers have specified Atria lights for the offices of some of the world’s best-known brands.

They were used at McDonald’s HQ in Chicago, Facebook’s MPK21 Building and the Netflix Cue Offices in Hollywood.

Product: Atria Series
Brand: Meteor Lighting

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