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Botera seating collection by E-ggs for Miniforms


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Backless seating modules arranged into a sofa

Dezeen Showroom: Botera is a family of curved sofas and chairs created by Florentine design studio E-ggs for furniture brand Miniforms.

Padded with four different types of foam, the Botera seating range encompasses a long sofa as well as smaller modules, which can be used to create a variety of seating arrangements.

A grey sofa and a patterned module by Miniforms
The Botera Collection comprises seats of different sizes

The furniture is chubby but light, with each module formed of a chunky base cushion and a curved backrest. Backless poufs are also available and can be used as casual seating or footrests.

The Botera collection is designed to fit in a variety of spaces. Longer sofas can fill open rooms while singular modules can be tucked into cosier corners.

Backless modules from the Botera collection in a deep reddish pink
Backless modules can be arranged to form a curved sofa

The seats can be upholstered in a variety of textiles and colours such as Bubble Light Blue and Sponge Yellow. In this way, the collection hopes to cater to an array of different tastes and space requirements.

“Botera is a round figure, whose comfortable volumes give it an outstanding look, like a soft cloud,” explained E-ggs. “We wanted to transmit this feeling through the plastic expansion and dilation of forms.”

Product: Botera collection
Designer: E-ggs
Brand: Miniforms

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