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Compose Rail pendant by Jens Fager for Zero Lighting


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Black Compose Rail by Zero Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: Zero Lighting has turned its classic Compose pendant light by Swedish designer Jens Fager into a larger fixture by setting it on an industrial metal rail.

The resulting modular light, called Compose Rail, features the same conical shade as Fager‘s original design. But instead of being used as a single, standalone pendant, it forms spaced out spotlights on a straight or circular aluminium rod.

Suspended from the ceiling on near-invisible cables, the fixture creates the illusion of floating in space and can be customised in size and finish to suit different interiors.

Jens Fager's Compose Rail for Zero Lighting in black
Compose Rail can be set on a straight (top image) or circular rod (above)

“I want Compose to be like a tool, almost like an instrument, where the most beautiful music is composed,” Fager said.

“It offers a major opportunity for you to compose your very own light to your specific requirements.”

Compose pendant by Zero Lighting in green
The design is based on Fager’s original Compose pendant light

The pendant’s shades can be rendered in various finishes, from painted metal to rippled glass and untreated brass or copper. This can be matched or contrasted with the finish of the rail, to help users tailor the light to its setting and their individual taste.

“All the shades and colours on their individual pendant fixtures can be combined to suit your unique setting and your project,” Fager explained.

Compose Rail with green metal finish and funnel shade by Jens Fager for Zero Lighting
It comes in various finishes and styles

Compose Rail is powered by dimmable LEDs that can also be customised with an opal diffuser to create a gentle, indirect light or with a matt clear diffuser for concentrated lighting.

Product: Compose Rail
Designer: Jens Fager
Brand: Zero Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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