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Emerge flooring tiles by Bolon


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Emerge flooring by Bolon

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish design company Bolon has launched the Emerge collection, which includes six new colours of its woven flooring tiles, in a virtual reality setting.

The Emerge collection is made from weft threads in both warm and cold shades of blue, green, grey, brown or beige to create a variety of nuanced neutrals.

Emerge by Bolon
Bolon created a virtual reality world to showcase the new collection

“We’ve done our research well, we have looked at our existing collections and now with Emerge we have come full circle and given the colour wheel a challenge,” said Bolon‘s head of product management Klara Persson.

“With mindfully created neutrals that are as natural as any vivid hues, these neutral shades do not imitate any existing material. Instead, they have their own identity and are able to transition and emerge like the chameleon.”

Emerge by Bolon
Emerge is available in six colours

The Emerge collection is made in Sweden using recycled materials and is available in rolls or 50 by 50-centimetre tiles.

To celebrate the launch, Bolon has created a virtual reality experience that allows users to explore how the flooring would look in different settings from an office to a hotel.

Product: Emerge flooring
Brand: Bolon

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