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Saana vinyl record cabinet by Tenho Design


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Saana vinyl record cabinet by Tenho Design

Dezeen Showroom: Scandinavian brand Tenho Design has developed its Saana storage unit specifically to house vinyl collections, with doors that allow users to exhibit their favourite record sleeves.

Clear displays are integrated into Saana‘s wooden frame and can be regularly updated to allow users to showcase their best-loved records and personalise their space.

In this way, the design hopes to celebrate the “mind-blowing cover art of vinyl records” that is normally hidden in storage.

Saana vinyl record cabinet by Tenho Design
Saana cabinets are designed specifically for vinyl

“Vinyl records have certainly made a comeback. But where to store these precious black things? That was the question that needed a reasonable answer,” explained Tenho Design.

“We want to emphasize the often mind-blowing cover art of vinyl records. Having a look at the sleeves and covers is a big part of the vinyl hobby,” the brand continued.

“By changing sleeves in our cabinet every now and then, you can put on a pop art exhibition of your own.”

Saana vinyl record cabinet by Tenho Design
The cabinets are available in various sizes

The Saana cabinet is available in three ready-made sizes that hold between 500 and 1000 records, or it can be tailor-made to specific dimensions.

Each cabinet is crafted from either birch or pine and fitted with an iron base. The design can also be completed with slender drawers.

Wood was chosen to give the piece a sturdy “solid form” while the iron base ensures the cabinet is able to hold the weight of hundreds of records.

Product: Saana
Brand: Tenho Design

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