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Chromatic flooring collection by Tsar Carpets


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Render of Ember carpet from Chromatic collection by Tsar Carpets

Dezeen Showroom: Australian brand Tsar Carpets has released a collection of textile floor coverings informed by surrealism, in a bid to offer some “otherworldly escapism” during a tumultuous year.

Called Chromatic, it features six carpets with six different patterns from the cubist Neo to Ripple and Lucid, which mimic the fluid lines of flowing water.

Meanwhile, Ember features an abstract print based on dancing flames and Aurora nods to the floating ribbons of the northern lights.

Render of Aurora carpet from Chromatic collection by Tsar Carpets
Top image: The Ember pattern nods to dancing flames. Above: 3D artist Joe Mortell rendered the Aurora carpet as part of Tsar Carpet’s Fall 2020 campaign

“My objective was to create a visually-intriguing collection that elicits a sense of elation and happiness, offering an aspirational escape from the current state of the world,” said Andrew Cenita, a designer in Tsar Carpets‘ New York studio.

Each design is available in a variety of colour gradients, which can be customised by interior designers to demarcate spaces and even act as wayfinding systems and signposts for social distancing.

Despite their futuristic design, the carpets are made to last even in high-footfall hospitality spaces such as hotels or offices.

Renderings courtesy of Joe Mortell and Charlotte Taylor.

Product: Chromatic
Brand: Tsar Carpets
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