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Ashby table by Lemon


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Ashby table by Lemon

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Lemon has created a marble table with a circular top that sits on a central faceted base.

Designed by Lemon co-founder Kevin Frankental, the Ashby table was originally designed to be an entrance hall table for the furniture brand’s head office.

Made from Bianco Carrara marble, the table has a simple form with a geometric base and round top that makes it appropriate for use throughout an office or home.

Ashby table by Lemon
Top and above: the Ashby table by Lemon

“The further we go into our design journey the more we learn and the more we try to strip designs down,” said Frankental.

“We have come to the realization that a great piece doesn’t always need to make the biggest noise in the room.”

Ashby table by Lemon
The versatile table can be used in many settings

Like many of Lemon’s furniture pieces, the table’s form was derived directly from the material it was made from.

“The inspiration came from the surface,” explained Frankental. “We use natural textures as much as possible, but it can be difficult working with materials like marble and travertine, and it’s come with a few learning curves,” he continued.

“There are limitations to the thicknesses of marble that are available in South Africa too, so we’re always forced to think of creative ways to use it.”

Product: Ashby table
Designer: Kevin Frankental
Brand: Lemon
Contact: [email protected]

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