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Poise is an interactive rotating lamp by Robert Dabi


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Poise lighting design by Robert Dabi

Designer Robert Dabi has created Poise, a flexible ring-shaped lamp that has three joints to allow it to swivel and tilt while remaining perfectly balanced.

The minimal design features a heavy, T-shaped base with a slim, circular lighting element balanced on the end. Poise is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 in the lighting design category.

Rotating light of Poise lamp by Robert Dabi
Poise can be adjusted by hand

This ring can rotate 320 degrees around the arm, which can also tilt right and left and turn on its axis 320 degrees. Users can easily adjust Poise using their hands.

“It’s a glowing circle that freely levitates around a line,” said Dabi.

“The heavy T-base serves as a counterweight to the very slim and light arm and ring, allowing the lamp to always remain balanced in poise.”

Poise lamp by Robert Dabi can rotate 320 degrees
The ring-shaped light rotates 320 degrees

Dubi made Poise as an interactive lighting experience for the user. Its shape is created by gentle tactile adjustments.

“My lamp concepts involve a certain amount of interaction in order to modify the way light is perceived,” explained Dabi.

“This should encourage curiosity and human interaction with the light source, instead of just putting it somewhere to rest.”

Poise's heavy base acts as a counterweight
The arm can also tilt and rotate

After placing Poise on a flat surface, the ring can be grabbed and pulled into a new position. If placed on a high shelf, the arm can even be pulled down to dangle the light ring below.

“To me, lighting isn’t something that is just there. I want to use it, alter it, observe it, interact with it,” added Dabi.

“That’s why I intuitively always try to design lighting objects that are not only interesting to look at, but also make you want to play with them.”

Poise lamp can be adjusted by hand
Poise has a heavy brass base

Dabi made Poise’s base from heavy powder-coated brass, with brass spring joints. The arm and the ring are made from lightweight aluminium.

Poise’s switch, which has dimming controls and is enabled for smart lighting systems, sits between the lamp and the socket.

A view of Poise lamp by Robert Dabi
The lamp’s arm and ring are made of aluminium

The designer originally created Poise for the Young Talent exhibition at Light + Building, the world’s largest lighting fair. Unfortunately, the 2020 fair has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

Dabi is based in Schwaig, Germany, and is the founder of watch brands Cronometrics and Ziiro.

Other lighting designs shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 alongside Poise include an AI-powered light that reads books to children and modular lighting rods that can rotate 360 degrees.

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