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Rely chair by Hee Welling for &tradition


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Rely chair by Hee Welling for &tradition has a shell made from 100-per-cent recycled plastic taken from car interiors

Dezeen Showroom: Hee Welling has designed the Rely chair, which has a shell made from 100-per-cent-recycled plastic, for Danish brand &tradition.

Each Rely chair shell is made from recycled polypropylene, which is injection moulded to form the seat and backrest of the chair as a single piece.

The shell is supported by a steel base with four slender legs. There is also a swivel version with a base made from either polished or powder-coated extruded aluminium.

Hee Welling designed the Rely HW13 chair for &tradition
Hee Welling designed the HW13 Rely chair for &tradition

The chair is available in a wide range of colours, including black, light blue, stone-grey, red-brown and beige.

The black version of the chair is made from black polypropylene panels taken from the interiors of scrapped cars. For the other colours, post-industrial waste is used and combined with a pigment.

The basic plastic shell can also be customised with made-to-order upholstery available in various fabric or leather finishes.

In order to extend the lifespan of the product, Welling designed the chair to be as simple as possible to dismantle so that it will be easy to repair.

“When creating a design with a simple visual expression, the details become extremely important,” said Welling.

“The amazing thing is when everything – comfort, construction, function, materials, production, environment and ergonomics – is balanced together, such details slot seamlessly into place.”

Product: Rely chair
Designer: Hee Welling
Brand: &tradition

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