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Trypta by Stephen Burks for Luceplan


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Trypta lamp by Luceplan and Stephen Burks features acoustic panels

Dezeen Showroom: American designer Stephen Burks has worked alongside Italian lighting brand Luceplan to create Trypta, a pendant light that helps improve spatial acoustics.

The Trypta pendant lamp that Burks created for Luceplan is part of the brand’s The Lights of Silence collection of acoustic lighting products. It is made from a trio of sound-absorbing panels affixed to a cylinder-shaped bar.

Separately activated light sources have been incorporated at either end of the bar so that rooms can be imbued with stronger or softer qualities of light.

“With its innovative geometric appeal, Trypta was designed to bring life to any room, create a sculptural dialogue with its surroundings and timelessly contribute to a bright yet calming future,” explained Burks.

Trypta lamp by Luceplan and Stephen Burks features acoustic panels
Stephen Burks designed the Trypta lamp for Luceplan

Each of the lamp’s acoustic panels – which are available in six different sizes – come upholstered in knitted flame-retardant fabric and fan outwards from the central bar at an angle of 120 degrees.

The panels can be arranged in three different ways. The first arrangement, which the brand calls “Flat”, sees panels of the same size set symmetrically on the bar. “Shifted” is the second arrangement, where the panels are installed at different heights. The final arrangement, called “Mixed”, has panels of different sizes aligned at one end of the bar.

Trypta’s panels can be crafted in eight distinctive colours, including shades such as cool grey, mustard yellow and a rich, chocolatey brown. The bar is available in a matt-black or aluminium finish.

Product: Trypta
Designer: Stephen Burks
Brand: Luceplan

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